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This story and history of Hygh Octane Graphics 

     Hygh Octane Graphics has only been around for a few years but that doesnt mean we are new to the business. After the economy tanked Jeff Rowland a designer/installer with 15+ years experience found himself laid off from the company he was working for along with many others in many other industries. After long discussions with friends, ex co-workers, industry contacts and others Jeff decided that it would be best to start his own company rather than go to work for someone else. Working a lot in the motorsports industry and main product being vehicle wraps an appropriate name was needed, this is when Hygh Octane was born. In normal situations "High Octane" is used in describing premium fuel that will burn at a higher rate making more horsepower. Holding a higher standard for our work and using only premium materials for our client’s projects we feel we are capable of boosting a client’s marketing potential for their company. Changing “High” to “Hygh” just insured our clients could search for us easier in popular search engines to find information. Now you know the start of Hygh Octane, let’s give you the inside scoop on its owner Jeff Rowland. 

     A 1990 Graduate of Little Miami High School in Morrow, OH it quickly became apparent that Jeff’s love for drawing, art and painting was something that was going to become the path of his future. Jeff like most kids didn’t enjoy school, this was only true until Jeff entered into college where he pursued a degree from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. During his time at Antonelli it was clear that the commercial side of design was what Jeff excelled at. He enjoyed designing logos and marketing material for companies. “Designing a logo for a company is a very important job. This logo will be a companies first communication with their potential clients and it is important that the logo represents the company well. I take a lot of pride in making that a top priority when designing a companies brand” said Jeff Rowland. Graduating with honors from Antonelli Jeff landed his first job within weeks at a small local sign shop. Here Jeff learned the ins and outs of the sign industry from cutting and applying vinyl to installing signs on buildings. Being a small shop Jeff got to learn installation while gaining more and more experience designing. After several years at this company Jeff found the need to learn more in the industry and went to work for a much larger sign company, instead of 3 co-workers now Jeff had 120+. Working in the design department of this new company Jeff learned the screen printing side of the business. While working for this company Jeff pursued a passion for custom cars and trucks with friends. Hanging out at car shows and races the love for all things on wheels became apparent. While at a car show Jeff was approached by a fresh startup sign company that needed a designer for work in this market. This company focused on custom graphics for cars and trucks. After a few years Jeff decided to buy the company and rename it Signworks. Signworks went well for a few years when Jeff noticed a new trend coming that was exciting and wanted to be a part of, Full color digital printing. This being a very new side of the industry equipment was priced very high and was changing quickly. Along with this trend came “wraps”. Wraps are full color graphics that are printed on large sheets of vinyl that cover the entire surface of a vehicle for advertising. This was and extremely exciting thing. After installing one or two wraps it was clear this is what Jeff wanted to be a part of. Not wanting to risk a huge investment in equipment Jeff closed up shop on Signworks and went on the road installing wraps for a large company out of state. For the next few years Jeff learned how to install wraps on every vehicle imaginable and in states all over including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida. With countless installations under his belt the desire to design was still strong and getting stronger. Deciding that designing wraps was the next step Jeff took a job at Solution Graphix in Memphis, TN, a company with no wrap experience. Jeff was able to bring a whole new product to an already successful company. While there Jeff was able to train several others how to install wraps and making the business grow. After several years in Memphis Jeff was offered the Creative Director position of a new company in Indianapolis, 317 Graphics. Jeff brought his years of sign experience and vehicle wrap knowledge to the company where together they excelled. While at 317 Graphics Jeff won several industry awards and was featured in several industry magazines. 

     With 15+ years in the industry now, Jeff has found a large network of vendors, suppliers, industry contacts and friends that will surely help Hygh Octane and its clients in many ways.


Thank you,

Hygh Octane Staff

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