Fellers Certified

What is FELLERS Certified?

FELLERS Certified is the world's largest group of wrap providers. We are focused on verifying the credibility of a wrap provider and serving as a way to match potential business with these wrap providers. Simply put, FELLERS Certified helps you get more wrap business. FELLERS Certified is not an "Installation Testing" program like some other certifications. Selling wraps is more than just installation, it is also about design and selling the right wrap for the needs of the end user. FELLERS Certified is totally focused on the company and not the individual installer. Therefore, your investment in supporting our program is protected in case a wrap installer leaves your company for any reason.

There are other certification programs available and we aren't discouraging anyone from obtaining these other certifications, but the facts remain that FELLERS Certified is the largest wrap certification program in the world.

Together, we are building an entire new industry that the public is not fully knowledgeable about. We believe that the biggest problem in building the wrap industry is knowledge on what a wrap actually is, demonstrating credibility of the wrap's impact and letting the public know just where you can get a quality wrap. The FELLERS Certified program is focused on these issues. The only way for FELLERS to get more business is for YOU to get more business, this is why I created the FELLERS Certified program in 2006.

Frank Fellers
Frank Fellers
Founder and President, FELLERS Inc.

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